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We have catalogues and brochures for our product range. We can also make bespoke guides and brochures to support you with product rollouts or for general information. Please ask for details.

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Ambiflex LED is a new, exclusive brand at the forefront of combining the beauty of traditional incandescent filament bulbs with the energy-saving advantages of LED technology.

The range of products is constantly expanding and the Ambiflex Product Brochure will be updated regularly. Please ask for details if you can’t see the lamp you require.

Sustainable Lighting Solutions by ELG

Lighting the way towards a sustainable future with LED technology. ELG’s innovative technology…
» Saves energy
» Cuts CO2 emissions
» Maintains lighting quality
» Creates the perfect ambience


ELG provides a wide range of specialist lighting solutions in the hospitality sector including restaurants, pubs and hotels. From creative design to product supply and ongoing technical support we offer a comprehensive end to end solution.

For more information about our lighting services please view our hospitality brochure here.