New Commercial Solutions Organised in Tailored Categories

After more than 25 years in the lighting industry, ELG is uniquely positioned to understand the needs of its commercial customers. As such, we’ve organised our latest, own-brand lighting range in to two tailored collections.

The first, our new Alpha line, offers those customers seeking a full energy-saving solution a range of high-quality Hi-Bays, Rack Bays, Flood lighting and IP65/IP66 fittings. These are complemented with lighting controls and management solutions to customise the lighting scheme precisely to your needs.

For those who require a simpler, retrofit solution, the BetaLine offers products where budget is key. This collection contains commodity products that combine excellent price-points with robust construction and long warranties. BetaLine includes internal and external fittings that will enable offices and warehouses to start improving their environment quickly.

As with all products from ELG, both AlphaLine and BetaLine Collections are backed up by our personal lighting design service, which uses advanced CAD programmes to define the exact number of luminaires required. It was also calculate exactly how new lighting technologies can contribute to both energy costs savings and high corporate social responsibility through the reduction of CO2 emissions.