Flicker Free LED Ceiling Panels from ELG

LED lights that flicker, even imperceptibly, can make it harder to work in offices and cause headaches and eyestrain. In some people the long-term effects will be felt as headaches or general malaise, and in those who are vulnerable the result can be debilitating migraines or even epileptic seizures. !

The latter are the result of short-term exposure in individuals with an extreme biological sensitivity to flicker, while effects such as headache occur in a wider cohort after long-term exposure.!

ELG offers a range of flicker-free ceiling panels from its AlphaLine collection that will eliminate these negative effects on health from flickering LED ceiling panels. The three products include an LED ceiling panel with a controllable colour temperature and both a narrow frame and standard LED ceiling panel. All are also certified to have low glare levels (<19 UGR).!

According to ELG’s general manager, Simon Bodill, these products are ideal for schools, hospitals or offices. “The demand in LED ceiling panels is no longer just for energy efficiency, long-life and cost-savings, but also for a better lighting environment,” he says.

Flicker is – very simply – the constant fluctuation of a light between the “on” and “off” position. Flicker is a result of electrical energy being delivered to the LED via alternating (AC) current. The voltage fluctuates as a sine wave between the positive and negative poles.

Flicker occurs at up to 100 times per second – so the effects are “felt” rather than seen. However, you can “see” flicker by waving a hand or small, straight object (such as a pen or pencil) in front of the LED light. With smooth, premium quality LED lights and LED ceiling panels the object will seem to move smoothly. With poor quality LED ceiling panels you will experience visual distortion and multiple images that blend in to one another.
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