Petrol Station and Forecourt Lighting

Improving the Customer Experience and Reducing Energy Costs!

Renewing the lighting scheme at a petrol station or forecourt can both save energy overheads and improve sales through an improvement in the customer experience. Attracting drivers to stop for a break and purchase snacks, or making your garage’s convenience store a repeat destination can generate extra income.
ELG offers the perfect energy-saving LED products for garages, petrol stations and forecourts. These include cobra head style LED street luminaires, sign lights and canopy lights. LED forecourt lights last much longer than out-dated high-pressure sodium fixtures and so reduce maintenance costs. With bright, clear lighting comes improved safety for motorists and staff.
For inside, there is a full range of retail fittings including LED track lights and spotlights that will welcome customers in to your store and encourage them to linger over merchandise and promotions.
Customers who have switched to LED products from ELG for their garage and forecourt solutions have saved more than 40% of their energy costs – achieving a short payback time on their project and underlining commitment to environmental sustainability.
Find out how much your business could benefit from switching to an LED solution. Request a free, no obligation site survey and we’ll calculate just how much you could reduce your energy bills. Please call us between 8 – 6pm on 01274 473 400. Alternatively, you can email us at and we will reply within 24 hours.