Sylvania Toledo Retro – Finally, a true Replacement for Incandescent Filament Bulbs!

We all love retro filament bulbs – seen everywhere from bars, restaurants, hotels and in our homes, they lend a vintage interior design look to today’s interiors. Apart from their gorgeous teardrop and pear-shapes, what sets them apart is the glowing visible filament that creates a warm ambience.

Until now, retro filament bulbs (sometimes called “squirrel cage bulbs”) have largely been incandescent – meaning that they are energy-hungry, hot to the touch and short-lived. Early LED versions never delivered the same glow or replicated successfully the look of a glowing filament.Now, ELG is delighted to announce that it is stocking Sylvania’s new Toledo Retro range to provide a true LED alternative for those seeking filament lamps.
The Sylvania Todledo range uses tensile LED filaments to mimic the look of an incandescent bulb. The new lamps are exactly the same dimensions as traditional incandescent versions.
and offer the same sparkling lit effect. They also provide end-users with 90% energy savings and a lamp that lasts up to 15 times longer than the traditional incandescent bulb.
Ideal for use in hotels, bars, restaurants and residential applications, the Sylvania ToLEDo Retro
lamps have a high efficacy of up to 128Lm/W, a wide beam angle of 300 degrees and with a 15,000 hour lifespan, these lamps offer a quick payback period.
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